Levels 3-5 : Wednesdays : 18h30–19h30 : Brossard : Chalet du Parc Radisson (P17)


Tai Chi (Levels 3 to 5)

Wednesdays: 18:30–19:30
Start date: April 26th, 2017
Duration: 8 weeks





Level 3

By level 3 students are familiar with more than half of the movements and are learning how to situate themselves in space while maintaining sustained focus. Movements (31) “Separation of right and left feet” to movement (45) “Cross hands” are taught, to complete the 2nd part.

Level 4

Level 4 is the start of the 3rd part of the Yang form. At this stage students are familiar with more than 75% of the movements, have mastered the way of moving, are focused on the present and have high energy levels. Movements (46) “Embrace the tiger and return to mountain” to movement (70) “High pat on horse with palm thrust” are taught.

Level 5

In Level 5 students complete the Yang form and review basic principles. This phase involves exploring certain movements in greater detail. Memorization, balance, focus and concentration is now well established. In Level 5, students learn movements (71) “Cross kick” to movement (81) “Cross hands” to complete the Yang form.


Students will learn basic postures and principles, coordination and how to balance body and mind. The introduction of martial applications of the movements is part of the teaching and allows students to understand the basis of the movements they are learning.

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